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Join Filthy Frank and many other known characters from the Filthy Frank Show and race trought all the different places of the Omniverse while proving that you are the Filthiest kart racer that ever lived.

By purchasing the game here on Itchio you will also  receive a Steam key for the game 


The current build contains 30 Unique well knowed characters from the Filthy Frank Omniverse such as Pink Guy,Filthy Frank,Chin-Chin,Salamander Man,Safari Man and many more.All with there own distinctive driving experiencies and pros and cons.But more characters will be implemented in the future updates.

11 hilarious and original items to make that sure your oponents are in a constant state of fear and misery!

The current build has 10 Diferent circuits all inspired by locations from the Show such as The Ricefields,Neo-Pakistan,Realm88, and The Central Park.But I'm planning to make atleast 30 levels total.I have already pick out a few themes for future levels ,but of course if the community have good suggestions i could also inclued them in the game.

I would like to recieve feed back regarding anything that could help make this game live up to it's potencial.Supporting the project at this early state of development will help me to be able to devote more of my time to work on the game and could potentially help me to release a well polished game in a shorter amount of time than otherwise would take without this feedback and support of the project.

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